Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pettysave?

Pettysave is an online innovative financial technological solution which helps you to plan your financial life. The platform enables you to schedule your savings conveniently be it daily, weekly or monthly and at a particular time best for you. You can also save towards targets like rent, school fees, travel and vacation, wedding e.t.c

Why should I save on Pettysave?

Are there bank charges when deposits and withdrawals are made from my Pettysave account?

What information will be required from me to open a Pettysave account?

How secure is my money with Pettysave?

What are the interest rates like?

Are all debit cards issued by Nigerian Banks accepted?

Can people without smartphones save on Pettysave?

Can I download or request for my statement of account at any time?

Can I save and invest at the same time with the same account?

Can I save for different people, e.g. kids, with the same Pettysave account?

What happens when there’s no money in my bank account to be saved? Am I charged a default fee?

How are my interests on savings paid?

Can I withdraw my money anytime I like?

Where is Pettysave office located?

Can I save more than my set amount?

When can I freely withdraw?

What happens when my account is debited twice?

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