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Automatically save a fixed amount from your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly and earn interest of up to 10%.


Hit your goals directly by using the target save feature e.g. car, travel, school, etc while still earning up to 10% interest.


Secure your excess funds as fixed deposits to earn more interest. Funds can be fixed for one month or more and earn up to 12% interest instantly.


Investing is for everyone everywhere, to get the best rates possible, Start Investing Now

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Around July 2019, a friend of mine told me about Pettysave. The interface was smooth and it was love at first site. The platform is legit and reliable. Join the community of smart savers today
Pettysave has helped me grow my business finances exponentially. I also earn referral bonus from referring my friends to the platform. Pettysave is the real deal guys.
Pettysave is secure and reliable. You get to monitor your savings on the platform and see how it’s growing. Pettysave is the real deal guys. I can’t wait to have you join

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Pettysave encrypts your data, and uses security measures such as SSL, OTP for sensitive actions and enforces strong passwords. We also use a top notch payment platform to handle your payments.

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